Blowing our own Trumpet

If a musician has to heard then a photographer's work must definitely been seen not read! Any "About us" section in the internet is we believe an opportunity to blow our own Trumpet and since we do not want to hire a copywriter, we have tried our hand in writing our own stuffs, read on...

Quality over Quantity

We are a small team of fine art wedding photographers in Chennai, who love shooting Indian Weddings all over the country and keeping its unique, vibrant and aesthetic soul alive. In a nutshell, we preserve the colorful, candid moments in a wedding for a lifetime to cherish - literally.

People are everything.

We shoot according to your needs, without sacrificing our own style of shooting a wedding and wedding films, we firmly believe that every wedding is unique even if the customs are repeated. Everything till the pricing will be customized according to your needs.

Back to Work 

Now its time to check our works, that is where things should boil down to! Our website has all the details necessary to required before hiring a wedding photographer and don't forget to visit our FAQ page. Our blog on wedding photography is quite popular too!!