Wedding Photographer‘s tryst with FAQs

Everything you need to know while hiring a wedding photographer. These are the most frequently asked questions to a wedding photographer from clients around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Candid Photography.

There are hundreds of definitions on what candid photography is all about, some wedding photographer’s even dismiss candid photography as a myth! In our experience, capturing candid moments in an occasion – telling a story and shots which defy traditional way of documenting an event without an juice or joy in a picture is candid photography.

How much do you charge?

This must be the most Googled question by wedding couples to be or the most asked question to a wedding photographer ! To give you an idea, we start from Rupees 37,000/- for our basic service which includes two wedding photographers ( 1 candid wedding photographer + 1 wedding photographer) to know the exact specifications on the wedding album and more, mail us or visit our wedding photography price page

Do you also do wedding videography?

Yes, we do traditional wedding videography which documents the event from the beginning till the end, our video coverage is done only in HD format -1080 ip which can also be converted into Blue Ray format if required.

How many images will I get?

The number of images depends on the kind of traditions that is followed in a wedding, a normal Hindu Wedding plus reception will be generate around 1000 images ( 2 photographers ) where as a Brahmin wedding will have around 3000 images, again the number of images may vary according to the customs and the scope for the drama that unfolds during the ceremony.

I would like to have a wedding montage/ wedding trailer of the event?

Wedding montage/ trailers or candid videography is covered by a separate videographer who is only into making wedding trailers, you can check our wedding trailers in our gallery page.

How can we check the wedding albums before it gets printed?

We will be delivering you the complete set of images in a DVD from which you can select the number of images that you would like to get printed, once you select the images our designing team will work on your images and will make the designs according to your preference (if you have any) once the design is complete, you will receive a mail from us with the final preview of the print, we will proceed to printing only after your approval and you can take all the time in the world till you are satisfied with the designs.

There is a wedding photographer who charges less than you quote!

We are well aware of the market price for a wedding photographer in Chennai and we are very sure that if you are comparing photographers we are very reasonable but if you still think that there is one wedding photographer who charges less than ours then i guess should go with them/him, because we do not believe in convincing our clients, we exhibit our works and if you think that someone offers the same quality less than our quote then you should definitely go for it!

What camera do you use?

Friends, family, competitors, enemies, clients and sometimes even people who have no idea about a camera would love to know what camera I use! sometimes a wedding photographer is judged just by the camera he owns! Photography equipment like Camera, Lens, Lights and software that is used during the post production stages do matter but never to an extend which over takes the skill and expertise of a photographer, we use the best cameras for the occasion and we are committed to make your wedding look fabulous on print.

Will have the image back up?

Yes, we do. Apart from giving you 2 copies of the complete wedding images and other images taken during the event, we will have the soft copies for 2 years and your wedding album design for 1 year at no additional cost.

Who owns the image?

Incognito Frames owns the copyrights and the reproduction rights for all the images, our clients are free to share and print the images without any restrictions or permissions unless they are making any commercial benefits like selling the images or sending it to photo competitions.

Will your team travel outside Chennai?

Any wedding photographer in Chennai would love to travel around the globe, in fact any wedding photographer who loves to explore new dimensions would say yes to shoot weddings in new locations.

Incognito Frames is a team of wedding photographers in Chennai with expertise in candid photography and wedding films, to know more about us visit our gallery or our social media links.

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