The Last time I met Mrs.Zufi was when we were in 5th STD, I used to play see-saw with her. she used to lift me with ease and i had to use all my might and still she wouldn’t come up. This time the challenge was different, #1 I had to travel to Bangalore post cauvery rift and #2 it was a kid’s shoot Luckily, kids photography is always challenging, Areeza made sure that my kid’s gallery is filled with cuteness, other being super fast at times, she made sure that I got some awesome pictures.

The only thing that i get concerned while traveling has been food, I can even sleep on the streets but bad food is a big turn-off for me, Luckily  Mr.Raaz, Zulfi’s man, made sure that i have best of food and accommodation and was a given a royal treatment throughout and he made sure that left Chennai safe! wish i meet more people like him during the shoot.

Sharing some of the pics of darling Areeza, now i can’t wait to have an outdoor and shoot her birthday early next year, Thank you Areeza, you have added cuteness in our kids photography department








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