Why do bride’s have all the fun


Why Brides Get all the Attention in a Wedding?

A wedding in India is just like a movie where there is a hero (the groom), heroine (the bride), a supporting cast (friends and family) and large number of guest appearances (distant relatives, colleagues etc.). The wedding venue acts as the set which is decorated beautifully. There will be background music and may be dance. However, weddings will last at least for 3 days while movies last for 3 hours at max but this is not important. What is important is who gets the maximum attention on the wedding day. If you are thinking that it’s the bride then you are absolutely correct.
Just like a Bollywood is incomplete without hero and heroine, a wedding is incomplete without the bride and the groom. If either of them is not there, then there is no point of it. In spite of that, bride manages to steal the show. The groom might have all the attention of guests as well as photographers till the bride has not come there. But the moment she walks down the aisle, all the attention gets diverted to her. Photographers start capturing her and almost forget about the groom. This is unfair to the groom, right? But this is how it is.
The answer to why bride gets all the attention in her wedding is quite simple. She looks amazing in her wedding dress. While a groom might have got ready in 30 or 45 minutes, it would have taken at least 3 hours for the bride to get ready. She has so many accessories to wear, a perfect hair style to make and wear her dress in the most graceful way. It requires a lot of hard work and people seem to value hard work. This is why in every Indian wedding, people are more excited about seeing the bride then the groom.
Another reason for bride getting all the attention at the wedding is because everyone knows that she will entering a new phase of her life. Yes, it is true that it will be a new phase for the groom too but still he will be staying at his own home and free to follow his own schedule. However, for the bride it will be a whole new world. Everyone is interested in knowing that how gracefully the bride is welcoming this new phase of her life.
Photographers, be it Documentary photographer or a candid wedding photographer everyone love to capture the bride more than the groom. This is simply because with all that ethnic jewellery and beautiful wedding dress, the pictures turn out to be very graceful. Also, photographers can experiment from different angles to get that perfect shot with her dress flaring around. There are not much options when it comes to the groom. Most importantly, grooms are often less interested in being photographed than the bride. Well this is the common perception.
It is because of all these factors that everyone is more interested in the bride than the groom. They want to know how she is looking and the photographer wants to take the best shots. This is why, a wedding album has more shots of the bride than the groom.

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