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wedding photographers in chennai

Wedding photographers in Chennai | the other tale, This blog is an attempt to understand that different shades of wedding photography style that is available in Chennai. The grand and ever expanding Wedding Photography in Chennai hashtag business is yet to completely understand and embrass candid photography! on an average out of 10 client’s who enquiry for weddings only less than 2 knows about candid photography,

I just feel sorry for candid photographers around other parts of India who passionate about candids but the client may not understand and appreciate the beauty of candid pictures because they might be so much used to regular documentary photography that many people who are witnessing fine art photography up close and personal with incognito frames,

wedding photographers in chennai

So basically what do we do? We love shooting wedding in as candid way as possible, we are candid photographers, who love candid and we exploring different of aspects of candids like fine arts and more abstract stuffs but candid photography is something but if the client insists of documentary we do provide them with the best documentary photographers in my experience and pippin with a few candids I believe there is a huge section of people who love candids would never ever opt for a 100% candid photography coverage for their wedding for a 2 reasons, one is their parents would never accept something on these lines, they would prefer people looking at the lens every if they starring on it and nobody wants to do something different and mess up on their big day

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