Wedding Photographer in Chennai Cost

wedding photography chennai cost

Wedding Photographer in Chennai cost is the most discussed topic among couples who is about to get married (Chennai) ‘There are candid photographers in Chennai who charge less than you and I guess they are giving a better package than you’, is one of the most frequently asked question. I would straight away tell them that if they are satisfied with work and if it falls within your budget there should go with them instead of telling me that someone is offering the same features at a lower price, through this blog I would like to stress the fact that there is a sea of difference and a valid reason why photographers differ so much in pricing. Chennai has one of the largest users of DSLR cameras and it is no surprise that you will find a photographer almost everywhere, the ratio of an armature photographer comparing to a beginner is HUGE!, I guess for every 100 armatures you will find 1 professional photographer in Chennai, to get a live example just check ‘semozhi punga’ on a weekend you will be surprised to see that it will be really difficult to find someone who does not own a camera! this is not exaggeration

Photograph is a product and the photographer is not for example a maxi print should not cost you beyond 15 Rupees regardless of the brand that owns the studio, a copy because it is a ‘product’ where as the photographer who took the picture is not a product, especially candid photography, photography is art and what you are paying as a fee for the photographer is remuneration for the artistic value that he can produce.

wedding photography chennai cost

wedding photographers in Chennai cost for a typical Hindu wedding plus reception — you will find the complete packages including Album being done for 45,000/- and at the same time you will have photographers in Chennai who charge 2 lacs excluding videography and if you just want some thing then you will get even a better deal! yes there are beginners who would do you wedding for free since they are building their portfolio!

So the natural question how did we start up? weren’t we beginners when we started incognito frames? actually we were not beginners when we started incognito frames because before going on my own, our entire team had done more than 100 weddings as individuals and our documentary videographer had an experience of shooting over 390  wedding. So when we started as a unit we did not take it up as our debut shoot, we had trained as sub juniors and juniors for some of the best photography minds in Chennai. And this is something which I often tell any one asks me for tips, never get into a wedding straight away, even if you are a decent photographer, being a wedding photographer is a completely different ball game, even if you are one of the best portrait or fashion photographer, shooting wedding is something different.

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