Everything between Mother and the Bride

On the wedding day, bride and groom are certainly very happy. But people who are equally happy are the parents of both the bride and the groom, especially their mothers. After all, mothers spend maximum time with their kids. They have seen their children growing each day right from being in the lap to crawling and finally walking and running. And, when they finally realise that their babies have finally grown up so much that they are finally getting married, their happiness is on cloud nine. However, for the mother of the bride, it is a very emotional moment too as her daughter will be leaving her and going to someone else’s house forever. Her little girl has grown up so much that she will now be handling responsibilities of her husband’s house and family.


Mother and the Bride

A mother always teaches good values to her daughter. But, when the daughter is about to get married, she teaches her some extra values which would help her to live a happy married life.A mother very well knows how hard it is to leave your home and family behind and consider your husband’s home as your own. How hard it is to adjust to a new home and with new people. How to take decisions on your own. She learned with time and done pretty well over the years and wants her daughter to do the same. Hence, she ensures that her daughter knows all these things in advance so that her path to new life can become somewhat smoother.

A daughter certainly knows the value of her mother. When she comes to a marriageable age, she herself realises about the struggle and sacrifices her mother made to make their home a paradise. How she took care of everyone’s happiness in the house.Deep down the bride wants to be like her mother and handle all her responsibilities as well as her mother did.

Mother-in-law and the Bride

After the wedding, the bride gets second mother in the form of mother-in-law. No matter how old you grow, when a mother is by your side you always feel safe and content. Hence, when the bride gets another mother in her new house, she feels that there is someone to look after her when she is carrying out her responsibilities. In case of some problem or issues, she can always reach out to her mother-in-law for an expert advice. Similarly, the mother-in-law gets a daughter in the form of daughter-in-law. She knows how hard it is to leave your home behind where you grew up and begin a new life at a new place. After all she also had to go through the same phase many years ago. She tries to help her daughter-in-law in every possible way so that she can feel comfortable in her new home.

Whether it is mother or mother-in-law, their relationship with the bride is filled with love as well as emotions which is hard to express in words.

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