I, Sujith Kumar

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I, Sujith Kumar,

Hello there! I am Sujith Kumar and this is an “about me” blog, to check my work – wedding photography, all you need to do is visit the gallery page in this website or simply search for “incognito frames” in Google, our website is constantly updated with the latest wedding photographs of ours and we are active in all the leading social media profiles but if you are absolutely jobless like me, when i was writing this blog, then you can read my pompous, vainglorious, narcissist bio!

Born in Madras (not Chennai) I am a cricket freak/geek/addict, I love AR.Rahaman and Micheal Jackson, always had a passion to take images and Kodak camera was my first ever encounter with a real camera when I was 7 (no it doenst mean that i am taking pictures ever since or the child prodigy geek). Malayalam movies made in the 90’s are my favorite, I am passionate about martial arts, was an instructor, personal trainer in Chennai, before doing web designing and finally Wedding photography full time.

Incognito frames
synonyms- in disguise, disguised, under cover,

When i wanted to start my own brand of wedding photography, I felt nothing would match better than INCOGNITO FRAMES, I like to narrate a wedding in as candid way as possible, in stealth mode, in typical James bond style and it felt nothing other than Incognito frames would be right

sujith Chennai

During a convocation speech in Hayward University, Steve Jobs narrated something very interesting and this has changed my perception and given me the much need positive blood when i wanted to do wedding photography, surprisingly i found this in almost many successful people’s bio or interview, coming back to Steve Jobs,  he was not interested in college. he bunked his class and was into a whole lot of things and one of them was calligraphy and when he is in the process of making Macintosh, he was able to include it, it is because of his interest in calligraphy that today we have a luxury to change our fonts at will, in his own words, “Microsoft just copied” so moral of the story is do whatever you like passionately and somewhere in life you will be given the opportunity to blend things and make it beautiful.

Incognito frames is where I have blend all my passions, be it  designing, digital marketing or all the good people i came to know during my martial art days, btw I still do personal training for weight loss and self defense :).

With Regards and Joy
Sujith Kumar


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