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Shooting in 600D

I was always asked if shooting in crop cameras is good enough, the answer is it depends on 101, can good images be taken in a camera like Canon 600d the equivalent of Nikon can we produce world class images which looks pro with cameras in this quality, is it can be, if you have good knowledge of the lighting, lens and all the list of things that is in between these poles.

I started my serious journey in photography with a Canon600d and I still carry it with me as a backup camera and do video shoots often, this is where I first experiment wedding films before shooting the any full frame, before telling more on this subject, i must confess that video quality in canon 600d is defiantly of the highest quality and I love it especially for the price that that are giving it for now!

if you are starting to be wedding photographer or if you re taking photography seriously, get a camera in the league of 600d understand the basics and then invest in bigger cameras because I have often seen people getting 5d straight away and either they loose interest by the time they complete the basics or make a m

Can they make good images, of course they can, first of all before asking this question, it is important that you understand what is the difference between a full frame and a crop camera, I have written a detailed blog on this topic but before to be in brief, the sensor in a full frame is huge which gives you a bigger frame, the same image taken in a crop will literally cut the frame! thats it but if you get technical then there are whole lot of things to be understood, to me it is important to shoot a wedding a full frame because I don’t like to miss out any detail and once you start using a full frame camera you won’t like to use a crop came, 1. The ego factor chips in – yes Im the best photographer kind of thing and 2. You will feel very uncomfortable using a crop camera as it will cut your frame where you will never know the full essesne of your lens, this happens especially if you are using a 50mm prime lens, the below images was taken in my canon 600d, since this was a causal outdoor photoshoot, i decided to do with my 600d, this image was one of the several beautiful pictures that of took of Ms.Uthyan

In short, my consulion is its never a sin to use a crop camera and if you are using for a profession use, you should be well versed in all aspects of photography.

Will I do a photo shoot in a crop camera, i would still prefer my 5D but I will never complain shooting with my 600d as I have learned the best way to use a crop camera

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