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Getting Ready

When it comes to wedding photographs are certainly an indispensable part of it. Be it bride or groom, friends or family eve
everyone wants to be clicked. After all everyone is so well dressed for the occasion and would certainly want to get pictures to remember all their life. Pictures of food, guests, ceremony are all very important part of wedding photography. However, something which I would say is more important than these shots is the shot of the bride when she is getting ready. Well not a single shot but shots as a bride in India has lots of accessories to wear for her wedding and it is really not possible to capture everything in one shot.


You might think, why these shots are so important. The shots of the wedding rituals should be the most important shots. After all these pictures stand as the proof that the bride and the groom were actually married. Also, you present one of the pictures in the court to get a marriage certificate. Well, this is true but both the bride and the groom have a lot of emotions attached with the wedding. There can be various different shots at the wedding but getting ready shots are very important for the bride all because of the emotions.

When a bride is getting ready she is surrounded by her closest friends and relatives and no one else except the make-up artist. But she certainly has the ones whom she care about the most in the world. This is probably the only time during the entire wedding when she will be surrounded just by her closest circle of friends and family. Emotions can flow freely, this is what a candid wedding photographer would love to shoot and these extremely emotional yet lovely moments can be captured in the photographs which everyone, especially the bride can relive and rejoice all her life.
When a bride is getting ready she is shy, tensed, happy, excited all at the same moment, these images make out to be the best candid photographs. She certainly looks very beautiful when she is all ready. But, she also looks very beautiful while she is in the process of looking extremely beautiful and becoming the heart of the wedding. Not to forget, a bride spends a lot of time shopping for the perfect accessories. She has every right to know how beautiful she looks while she is putting all those accessories and how her beauty increases when she has put them all.
If we look from the eyes of the photographer, he loves to take getting ready shots of the bride too. It is the time when he has the opportunity to cgetting-ready-bridecapture true emotions. It was quite challenging too as he has to be quick enough not to miss any shot and accurate enough not to spoil any shot. Not just this, he will also have to understand the entire flow. He will need to know how the make-artist works, what hand she uses, what order she follows etc. in order to get the perfect angle. Moreover, this is the time when photographer can do his job without any interruptions.
Those photographs are certainly very important. But getting ready shots of the bride are equally important if not more.

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