Fashion Photography in Chennai


This March, we have completed our one year of our 1st official fashion shoot held in Nungambakkam with our pretty model Nicky, who was kind enough to join our ignorance or we should say join our madness and our excitement to explore fashion photography, we shot tons and tons of posses mostly without getting the desired result but ended up with some amazing captures, full credit to our fashion mascot. This shoot has paved way for fashion photography and gave us the confidence to venture into fashion photography, though we have shot a number of models and aspiring models post this shoot, these images are taken as reference and we get delighted when our client says “we want something like this” We sincerely thank Nicky for corporation and slightly regret in not capturing her charisma 100% since this was our first ever tempt in fashion photography

Here we are delighted to share some of the best shots from them and some of them shared here for the first time

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