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Wedding bells at a beautiful palace!

Weddings these days are no less than a fantasy. Theme weddings or theme based programmes are organised to make the wedding stay in the minds of the invitees forever and at the same time make it more fun and exciting.

We often come across the term called destination wedding. A destination weddingisa wedding happening at a wonderful place, not falling in the same city of both the groom and the bride. A city that makes the wedding looks so magical and spellbound. The places one chooses for a destination wedding is based on a few criterias, such as that the place should have proper locations, space and hotels to accommodate the guests and have the wedding  ceremony without any hassle.

Destination weddings are not an easy call. But to make it look all royal like and make an impression of a classy wedding people choose locations and have a great wedding out there. These days youngsters believe weddings should all be about building a story, a story that seems mesmerising when talked about years later too.

In India, the most common places for weddings are hill stations, if not Goa and Udaipur make the perfect destination for a wedding. And to look out for location abroad, these days people mostly choose Phuket and Maldives as two most preferred islands for their wedding destinations. Weddings today happen lavishly. The wedding organisers hire a wedding planner and set a budget and all the proceedings are taken care by the event planners. From ring ceremony to the reception, everything has a new touch from decorations, theme and orchestra. Every event is conducted has to carry a unique look.

The big fat wedding has real time kiosks to wear funky stuff and capture the picture perfect moment with your closed ones. Destination weddings happen to make sue the functions are organised in open lawns or beach facing spaces, the breeze, the décor, the decorations are simple yet the whole set up makes it look flamboyant. The royal entrance of the bride and groom is also organised in a beautiful way at the big day.

Destination wedding narrates a whole wedding like a beautiful story. Imagine a wedding set-up in a new place and events full of life and great gatherings will welcome so many new memories to one’s life. The wedding season comes,welcome the winter wedding season and live up high. If you have not planned your destination wedding, plan a great party at a close by destination and live it like a king! Organise it in such a way that you have proper resources to plan out and execute it well and have a great time with all your closed ones.

And if your wedding is a little far, rise up and map out for a wonderful wedding at a great location. Set your budget, choose your guest, and go on a board off for a memorable wedding ceremony! destination wedding photographers from Chennai, India

Take your wedding vows at the city you wish for and have a happy married life!

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