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Christian Wedding

Christian weddings set the most pleasant rituals during the wedding. They are known for organizing a more simplistic wedding. In the eyes of Lord Jesus and their beloved friends and family, the two beautiful souls take the vow to keep their love eternal and stay together forever. For them, wedding is otherwise called as the “Holy Matrimony”. As this is a lifelong bond between a man and a woman. In Christianity, the bond of marriage is defined to be so pure that they state it as “the two become one flesh”. As we all know the weddings are conducted in the Church, amidst family and friends.

They carry a lot of Pre-wedding and Post wedding rituals to keep the bond of togetherness eternal.Check out the best professional wedding photographers in Chennai

Pre-wedding rituals: (pre wedding photography)

Engagement: The ring ceremony or exchange of rings is the first function and a ritual they start off the wedding with. Why do people exchange rings? Because it connects the Vein of Love and when you join two left hands it forms an outline of a heart shape. Both hands are wearing a wedding ring.

Informal gatherings: The bride and the groom separate informal parties. The bride’s friends and closed ones will throw a bridal shower for her shower blessings, gifts and rejoice for her to have a great start to her wedding. The bride offers her well-wishers with a pink themed cake with a hidden thimble, and it is said that whoever gets the piece of the cake with a thimble will be the next one to get married.

The groom celebrates his happiness by organizing a bachelor’s night with his fellas and will raise a toast with his friends and well-wishers a day before the Big day! these moments can be cherished when it is caught in wedding films and through candid photography!

Haldaat ceremony: Like the Hindu wedding ritual where the bride and the groom are applied turmeric and sandalwood paste, similarly, in the Christian ritual people apply Coconut paste

Post-wedding rituals:

Wedding Day: The groom sends the car to pick up the bride and will wait for her outside the Church. Once the bride arrives, the best men will offer her a bunch of flowers and welcome her. The groom walks to the altar first. The bride walks down with her father to the altar. The priest begins the Holy Mass. After the sermon, he goes on to vows which are made in the presence of the loved ones and well-wishers. The couple promises to be together “till death do us part, for better and for worse”. Once the bride and the bridegroom exchange their vows and rings, the priest declares them as husband and wife. Christian weddings are then followed by a very casual reception where the well-wishers come and wish a great life of togetherness to the newly married couple, also check out the new rage among urban couples, wedding films. Check us out for the best Christian Wedding Photographers in Chennai

christian wedding photograpaher Chennai

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To sum it all, this wedding is simple, pleasant to experience and the choirs and carols add a lot of charm. The black and white, two simple colors sum it to make it an eternal bond. Pure and Elegance is how we would conclude the most blissful start of a wonderful couple.

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